To hell with « not enough »!

How many times a day do you use the thought or the words « not enough »? No idea but quite a lot, right? At least, that’s my case and all the people around me are the same.

Well, today I say ENOUGH! I’m fed up with feeling I’m doing or having not enough. And I commit to stop even imagining I AM not enough! From today on, I want everything I am, do or have vibrate enoughness. I want to stop sabotaging my life through these semiconscious and pervasive self judgments. I want to feel free and proud, focus on the steps taken, rejoice in all I am, do and have. I want to walk the talk as they say.

Consciousness (or should I say mindfulness to be more trendy) is nothing new to me. Nor are the Universal Laws and quantic conception of life. I work on it and with it every day. I have a sweet spot for joy and self love, and inspire people to take both as life partners. My bottom belief is that our only true job is to vibrate love and joy (which are actually about the same) while the Universe provides for us, throwing creativity and opportunities our way.

At the same time, keeping faith can be tricky. As I was reading Angels in my hair a few months ago, I realized I tended to have conditional faith. Deep down I have no doubt about what I believe to be true, but still, results – that is: the results I expect – make it easier. Or should I say, the absence of the results I imagined gets me very quickly into a state of misalignment, doubt, fear and self judgment.

And there comes the « not enough » catchphrase.

I don’t do enough marketing or emailing or learning or exercising or healthy cooking or… I am not enough disciplined or skilled or worthy or clear or focused or… I don’t have enough time or money or knowledge or success or …

So now is time, for me at least, to change this bad habit. And as you well know, habits are so confortable to slip back to! So I decided to invite myself to a 40-day challenge to get conscious of all the big and small places the « not enough » feeling invades, unroot these perverse thoughts and sow self love disguised as enoughness.

Each and every day, till the end of June, I commit to writing about my road trip into enoughness. Writing will help me focus, respect my commitment to this challenge, and more importantly enable me to dig deeper into my awareness.

Want to join me for the ride? You’re more than welcome!

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