With lightening speed

This morning, comparing all due professional payments with the bank account balance, I must admit having drifted into the tight belly feeling of « not enough ». Gosh, when will it pass? How will I manage?

A zillion mini tasks (Tuesdays are for all those things that can wait a few days so as not to get interrupted all the time) and a few deep breaths later, it was time to go give my midday yoga class. Arriving at the carpark (later than what would have been ideal), I see lots of market stalls and realize it’s the monthly fair. Just to make sure you see the picture vividly: both entrances on « my » side of the carpark are closed and stalls reduce the number of parking slots by 1/3. Gosh, I won’t be able to get into the carpark unless I go all around, and then it’ll be hell finding a place!

I didn’t even really have time to worry: I sent an immediate and urgent plea to the Universe (actually, it sounded more like an uncompromising order…): get me a parking slot here, on the side of the road, NOW! I usually never even bother to try parking in one of the dozen slots here, as they are always full… But now, a few seconds after my assertive request, a car comes out of its parking space right in front of me! THANK YOU!

A few minutes later, a yoga student tells me she works hard on reminding herself daily that the Universe will provide all that is needed and tries not to worry. Thanks for the twinkle… I’ll make sure I keep focused on the universal abundance and stop believing the Story of Not Enough.

After the yoga class, I catch sight of the landlord and am surprised to hear him ask me to stay a minute for a quick talk. We already met and spoke before the class began (thanks to the providential parking, I arrived early enough to have a chat), so what can it be? Ok, let’s have a seat. No thanks, I’m fine, no tea or else.

Do you have any idea of what he wanted to tell me? I had none whatsoever, and I hardly could believe my ears: he simply wanted to offer me a 25% decrease in rent! THANK YOU!

Universe, if your purpose today was to remind me you’re almighty and love being of service, I must admit you did a wonderful job! I’m not even sure I had the mindfulness to ask for your help on the money issue, but I intend to keep the memory of the midday events at my fingertips for future referral. THANK YOU!

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