Focus on being

During my morning meditative walk, I tuned into « I get all the support I need at the appropriate time. » So I walked at the rhythm of this mantra. I get all the support I need at the appropriate time. I get all the support I need at the appropriate time. I get all the support I need at the appropriate time.

I like mantras, they’re really powerful. But something that may be even more powerful are questions. So I opened up my mind to welcoming a mighty question and suddenly it popped into my ears: what if I trusted the Universe? What if I really trusted the Universe?

Well, if I really trusted the Universe, I would stop zigzagging, one step full of enthusiasm, one step skeptical, one step convinced, one step doubtful, and so on. If I really trusted the Univers, I would stop being vague and taking what comes my way. Instead, I would stand tall and ask precisely what I want now. I would ask for 5 grand to show up this week. Why? That would help me silence my inner voices Doubt and Fear meanwhile helping someone grow.

And then it kicked in. Fearfully. Hugely. « Not 5, 10 grand! With 5 grand, you’re not growing. You’re remaining in your small identity, pleading with the Universe, begging to get your wish granted, trying to fill up your lack. Daring to ask for 10 grand within the week makes you grow, expands your vibrancy, oozes assertiveness and energetically places you in the right spot. Can you feel it? »

Yes, I can feel it. I don’t know how to bring this money into my material reality, and fully understand I’m not meant to dwell upon that question. It is who I must be(come) to manifest and receive the energy of 10 grand that is the only important focus. Amazing the way the money changes it’s vibration too, from a needy sensation to a joyful celebration of my personal development and energetic growth.

I intend to keep my focus on being, being, BEING, while doing all the things I planned for this week.

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