Investing is the secret

It’s been an incredibly long time since last time I sat down in front of this blog. A whole week indeed!

Ok, so I won’t spend time abusing myself because I didn’t respect my commitment to write daily. Instead, let’s see what these last fe days brought, enoughnesswise.

That’s really one thing I love about English: everybody can create words and the most wonderful thing is that even if you have never heard it, you can usually understand it. That’s part of the abundance of English, to me.

You have already experienced the fluctuation of time. Sometimes the clock seems to stop, and at other times minutes or hours can fly by. At the same time, we all know the tictac never varies, only our own perception of time.

I kind of feel the same relativity about money. I can feel the fear of lack gripping my bowls at the idea of a restaurant bill, and at the same time relax completely and faithfully in front of a more than 10K investment. Maybe that’s the key actually. Investment. The restaurant I usually see as an expense and the 10K, obviously as an investment.

Hmmm… I just spent 3 days in a business growth seminar and that line came again: entrepreneurs always and only think in terms of investment and ROI, while laymen think in terms of expense. And of course I can’t imagine spending a handful of thousand dollar bills in expenses. Even for a trip, I can feel the investment that’s hidden within: investing in holidays, the return of interest coming as pleasure, freedom, adventure, discoveries and relaxation.

So, that’s the intention I set: every time I’m in front of a choice with a tag price above $5, I check the investment in regard to my values and measure the ROI I can get out of it. I’m looking forward to seeing the effect it has on my belly and on my income/outcome sheet.

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