What would it take?

Do you know Samantha Monroe? She’s a character from Hansen & Allen’s book The One Minute Millionaire. I love the book and I love the woman. She’s my role model.

Actually, I prefer the French title: Réveillez le millionnaire qui est en vous. When I read it a few years ago, I remember feeling awkward if I was in a public space and the title was to be seen. One of these small details that showed me the path I still had to walk soothing fears and transforming limiting believes regarding money, wealth, prosperity and abundance… I must admit I’m more relaxed today, but can still feel a like nagging of unease.

In that book, Sam mentors Michelle to become an enlightened millionaire and they spend quite some time and energy transforming believes and building powerful rituals before they « do » anything to get a million dollars. One tool they use is the elastic wristband. The idea is to slam the band every time Michelle starts saying or thinking « Yes but… »

It works a bit like the Pavlov’s reflex. Changing a habit can be tricky because a habit is like a neuronal highway. It is so much easier to ride fast and smooth on the known highway than choose the small and unfamiliar back roads. So habits have a way of clinging. It’s like getting rid of a piece of tape while wearing rubber gloves: very difficult. Unless you disrupt the neuronal highway. The elastic wristband is a kind of road block you set up to make the ride so tedious you prefer stop using this highway.

It’s been at least two years I’ve been thinking of getting myself an elastic wristband to get rid of Mrs Yesbut… Because Mrs Yesbut is a very close friend of Mr Notenough. Both of them despise Lady Abundance and Sir Andand, trying to push them back everytime I am keen on welcoming them.

So the question is: why do I still have no elastic wristband? But actually, that’s not such an interesting question. The main purpose of a question is to open the possibility for the answer to come to life. And the answer to « why do I still have no elastic wristband » won’t help me that much in getting rid of Mrs Yesbut and Mr Notenough. What would it take for me to say goodbye these thought and speech habits?

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